This page is for you guys that want a good quality Harley stabilizer for your '94.5-'08 Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, Ultra or Police model, but don't want to pay the outrageous price of the other manufacturers.

If you have experienced the dreaded rear-end wobble, or the loose feeling back-end, or just want a tighter feeling ride, then this page is for you. This Harley stabilizer unit eliminates the side-to-side movement of the tranny to swing arm mount, while still allowing your rubber-mounted drivetrain to move vertically as it was engineered.

There are several manufacturers making different Harley stabilizers for upwards of $400.00!! These Harley stabilizers are tried and proven by thousands of Harley riders. They make a huge difference in the way your bike rides and handles!

Our Touring-Stabilizer is professionally laser-cut 1/4" steel that is TIG welded and double powdercoated black, and includes all neccesary hardware to bolt them on in just minutes leaning on the kickstand in the garage!

*For installation instructions click here.

- It only takes around 25 minutes and a couple tools to bolt our Touring-Stabilizer on.

- Don't waste anymore time riding what the factory finally corrected on the '09 models!

- There is NO drilling or cutting required on your bike. You simply bolt this on underneath while leaning on the kickstand

  *Price: $149.00 - Free US Shipping